11 Oct 2018

(서울=연합뉴스) 송고 문의 :

(서울=연합뉴스) 송고

문의 : 삼척출장샵 셀비 시몬슨(Shelby Simonson) 에어비퀴니PR(Airbiquity PR) 1-206-264-8220 media@airbiquity.com

Several advanced features reduce hands-on time for Histotechs, helping prevent errors. RFID technology 논산출장샵 facilitates coverslipper autostart and displays 목포출장샵 the number of slides left to coverslip until exhaustion; the reagent 여수출장샵 management system’s proprietary fill-level scan system ensures stain reproducibility; and 경상남도출장샵 the unique color-coded rack application starts individual protocols automatically when 안동출장샵 racks are 거제출장샵 inserted. Additionally, the coverslipper’s unique broken-glass detector sensor removes and transfers broken coverslips for improved safety.

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