05 May 2013

Börkur Jónsson wins The Danish Theater awards

Börkur Jónsson has been awarded The prestige Danish Theater awards Årets Reumert 2013 for his set design in Bastard.

The play Bastard is a Nordic theater cooperation between Vesturport, Teater Får302, Malmö Stadsteater and The Reykjavik City Theater.
Bastard was premiered in The Reykjavik City Theatre on the 1st of June 2012.
The Swedish premiere was in Möllepladsen in Malmö on 28th July – 19th August 2012.
The Danish premiere was in Fælleparken in Copenhagen from the 7th of September and shown until 23rd September 2012.
The Danish and Swedish run’s of the play where in a 600 seats theater tent.

Bastard official homepage.
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