Journey´s End 2013


the documentary series JOURNEY´S END

This documentary TV series explores the truth about the Icelandic Sagas. A few events are selected from the Sagas and brought to life in 6 episodes. History, mythology and science join forces to shed some light on these extraordinary events.
The Icelandic Sagas are considered among the world’s greatest literary treasure as they represent a valuable resource to the Viking age society and culture. The credibility of the Sagas has been questioned throughout the years, due to many larger-than-life heroes and stories of epic battles. But can we uncover the truth by following our ancestors footsteps and let the archaeology speak for events that took place over a thousand years ago?
The aim of the series Journey’s End is to explore the truth behind the Icelandic Sagas by bringing several events to life. History, mythology and science will join forces to shed some light on these extraordinary events. Each episode will recap a selected event from the Sagas that will be examined in some detail without going into academic research but merely by examining the story itself and the trail it takes by looking closely at the ruins, nature and local word of mouth.

1. Episode: The silver of Egill Skallagrimsson
2. Episode: The battle at Knafahólar
3. Episode: Auður Djúpúðga
4. Episode: The Honor of Gísli Súrsson
5. Episode: The battle of Markarfljót
6. Episode: the killing of Höskuldur the chieftain of Hvitanes.

Running time: 6 x 27 min
Original Title: FERDALOK
English Title: JOURNEY´S END
Original language: ICELANDIC and ENGLISH
Year of production: 2012
DVD: Region 2

Domestic Release date: 10th of march 2013

Creative team

Presenter and manuscript:
Vala Gardarsdottir

Ragnar Hansson

Rakel Gardarsdottir
Agusta M. Olafsdottir

Script advice and documentary director:
Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson

Arni Filippusson

Assistant Camera:
Thor Elisson
Egill Antonsson
Elva Sara Ingvarsdottir
Thorsteinn Magnusson
Vidir Hallgrimsson

Gudmundur Andres Erlingsson

Fridrik Fridriksson
Sigurgeir Thordarson
Viktor David Johannsson
Viggo Hansson
Daniel Fridriksson

Sound recording:
Arni Ben
Alex Altman
Bogi Reynisson

Elin Reynisdottir
Ingibjorg P. GudmundsdottirMake-up:
Sigridur Rosa Bjarnadottir
Gunnhildur ErlingsdottirEditing:
Ragnar Hansson
Stefania Thors

Reginald Hamilton

Ulfur Eldjarn

Una Sveinbjarnardottir, violin
Palina Arnadottir, violin
Gudrun Hrund Hardardottir, violin
Hrafnkell Orri Egilsson, cello
Samuli Kosminen, percussions
Ulfur Eldjarn, computer
Recorded at Studio Syrlandi, Vatnagardar, Reykjavik

and Studio Ulappa í Suomenlinna, Finnlandi

Music recording:
Aron Thor Arnarsson
Samuli Kosminen
Ulfur Eldjarn

Music mixing:
Axel „Flex“ Arnason, Studio ReFlex.Sound Mixing:
Ulfhildur EysteinsdottirÇolor Correction:
Bjarki Gudjonsson
Luis Ascanio

Simon A. Gunnarsson, KPMG

Production assistants:
Ingibjorg Silfa Thordardottir
Dogg Gunnarsdottir
Melkorka Tomasdottir
Marjorie Perez Cajes
Eirikur Sigurdarson

Journey’s End trailer