Key around the neck

KEY AROUND THE NECK by Agnar Jon Egilsson

A Vesturport and The Secret Theatre production
Directed by Agnar Jon Egilsson

Key around the neck is a contemporary story about young people in Reykjavík looking for their identity and love in the heat of Reykjavik’s fast night life
and the never stopping consumer world. The play revolves around four characters over one weekend, late summer where every moment is full of hope
and complacency and the future awaits around the corner. We observe them crossing their own boundaries in the tone of a new century.
Society doesn’t keep them within reasonable limits, that will have to be their own doing. They experience the consequences of their actions,
each and every one differently, some towards maturity and happiness, others towards destruction.

Running time:     2 hours with interval


Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson

Erlendur Eiriksson

Lara Sveinsdottir

Thorun Erna Clausen

Creative team

Writer and director
Agnar Jon Egilsson

Costumes, set and lighting design
Sigurdur Kaiser Gudmundsson

Music by
Bjorn Kristjansson

Make up designer
Asta Hafthors

Hrefna Hallgrimsdottir

Magnús Thor Thorbergsson

Bjorn Helgason

Sigurdur Kaiser


Reykjavik, Iceland
Vesturport Theatre, Vesturgata 18, Premier 20th March 2002
The Secret Theater