02 Sep 2014

Vesturport takes part in the scandinavian circus/theatre show Toqqortat.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 10.50.49

Performing for an audience of 6500 in Greenland’s capital Nuuk (Population 16.000) The show was hugely praised for being political, breathtaking, visual, sexy and merging together the inuit-cultural heritage and circus and theatre in a way that works. The project was funded by the Europian Union and the Swedish Arts council and orchestrated by CEN (Circus effects network) in collaboration with the Burnt out Punks, Circus Arts and Subtopia in sweden, Salpaus circus school of Finland, AFUK school in Denmark, Grenlands Friteater in Norway, Circ Atempo in Spain and Vesturport in Iceland.

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