MR. Man

“I encourage enthusiasts of innovative theatre not to miss this show”
Sveinn Haraldsson – MBL

MR. MAN by Edna Walsh

A Vesturport theatre production
Directed by Egill Heidar Anton Palsson

Thomas lives inside his own head but today that safe place is beginning to doubt itself. Mammy has a cold and his cat is awfully depressed. An old rub down with Vick and a packet of Jammie Dodgers should sort the situation out there. Outside, the people need to be watched though. What was Eamonn Moran up to in his garage? Someone’s got to keep their eyes peeled for the bad. But when all the words have stopped inside his head, will Inishfree and Thomas survive Thomas’s judgement day?

Running time:     40 min, no interval


Thomas and all other parts
Gisli Örn Gardarsson

Nina Dogg Filippusdottir

Creative team

Egill Heidar Anton Palsson

Writen by
Edna Walsh

Icelandic translation
Magnus Thor Thorbergsson

Set designer
Eirun Sigurðardottir
Olafur Jonsson

Music by
Hildur Ingveldar Gudnadottir

Program editor
Olafur Egill Egilsson


Reykjavik, Iceland
Vesturport Theatre, Vesturgötu 18, Premier 21st February 2003