“Discovery of the year.”
Silvia Stammen – Theater Heute

“An applause for Vesturport and Brim, the players stand solidly on the swinging stage that rocks with the rhythm of the sea. Bravo for Brim”
Viola Bolduan – Frankfurter Kurier

“The audience was rewarded the wonderful performance of this independent theatre group with well deserved shouts of praise”
Anne Mareile Moschinski – Mainzer Rheinzeitung

BRIM by Jon Atli Jonasson

A Vesturport theatre production
Directed by Haflidi Arngrimsson

The Icelandic playwright Jon Atli Jonasson has constructed a perfect vernacular storm in the creation of Brim.
The play is a stark slice-of life drama seen through the fourth wall of an Icelandic fishing trawler. Dreams and thoughts roll around in the heads of the men aboard as the ship plods through the restless dark sea. The continually rocking cabin, its suspension cables and framework in plain sight, is the work of designers Borkur Jonsson and Hlynur Kristjansson. Director Haflidi Arngrimsson and the strong ensemble are never at a loss to manage extreme changes of pace and mood and the details of complex choreography within the confines of the tiny cabin. Though the genealogy is unmistakable, the players of Vesturport add more than enough of their own to give their audience an original dose of an altogether searing reality. Crushed between the strain of the fishery’s demands and the fury at their own poor prospects, the crew finally turns on itself. An outrageous and often hilarious punctuation to the building drama is a series of out-of-set, out-of-character musical interludes that doff a hat to Brecht and offer a wry perspective to events, as well as make a brave wager that the actors, trained acrobats all, can offer direct-address insight and a few jokes and still put the audience back into the middle of the grim ordeal aboard the ship. They win.

Brim premiered in February 2004 in the Westman Islands south of Iceland and went on tour throughout the country, performing in Akureyri, Isafjorður, Dalvik and Hafnarfjordur.
Brim won the Icelandic “Grima” Theater awards as “Best play” in 2004. Nominations included “Performance of the year”, “Stage Design”, “Best direction” and Olafur Egilsson was nominated for “Best leading role”.

Brim took part in the Theater Biennale in Wiesbaden in 2006 and was invited to the Tampere theater festival and the Golden mask theatre festival in Moscow, where it won the “Best new drama” award.

Running time: 1 hour and 20 min with interval


Bjorn Hlynur Haraldssson

Benni chef
Gisli Örn Gardarsson

The engineer
Ingvar E. Sigurdsson

The girl
Nina Dogg Filippusdottir

Olafur Egill Egilsson

Vikingur Kristjansson

Creative Team

Created by the Vesturport group

Haflidi Arngrimsson

Jon Atli Jonasson

Assistant Director
Olafur Darri Olafsson

Stage Design
Borkur Jonsson
Hlynur Kristjansson

Lights and music
Bjorn Kristjansson
Sigurjon Brink

Rakel Gardarsdottir

Program editor
Olafur Egill Egilsson

Eddi (Eggert Jonsson)

Julia Kristjansdottir


Westman Island, Iceland
Gamli Velasalurinn Premier 20th February 2004

Isafjordur, Iceland
Felagsheimilid Hnifsdal 27-29th February 2004

Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
Hafnafjordur Theatre March 2004

Wiesbaden, Germany
Staats Theater Mainz 17-27th June 2004
Neve Stucke Aus Europa

Akureyri, Iceland
Akureyri Theatre 11-12 September 2004

Dalvik, Iceland
Fristihus Samherja 5 August 2005

Tampere, Finland
TT Frenckell 13-14 August 2005
Tampere Theatre festival

Reykjavik, Iceland
National Theater of Iceland 4 – 25th November  2005

Moskow, Russia
Art Theater Moscow 2005
Golden Mask Theater festival – New drama