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Robin Hood in Toronto

The Vesturport team is flying around in the Sherwood Forrest, now in Toronto, making their final polish to “the…

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The Heart of Robin Hood announced on Broadway.

The Heart of Robin Hood, written by David Farr, featuring original music performed on-stage…

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VAKANDI sister company of Vesturport proudly presents VAKANDI VERÖLD

WORLD AWAKENING is a book for all those who care about their own welfare and the environment, reminding us to act responsibly. We are caught in a web of unrestrained consumption and waste…

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Current Shows

Robin Hood 1

The Heart of Robin Hood

“Gisli Örn Gardarsson has an incredible imagination and just the right sense of fun” whatsonstage.com…

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Ingvar Johnny Gisli


“The triumph of the production is that it uses physical ingenuity to get to the tragic heart of Kafka’s fable.”

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“This Icelandic version has overpowering visual and aural bravura, showing how Büchner‘s masterpiece can be turned into an assault on contemporary capitalism“

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