18 Oct 2014

VAKANDI sister company of Vesturport proudly presents VAKANDI VERÖLD

WORLD AWAKENING is a book for all those who
care about their own welfare and the environment,
reminding us to act responsibly.

We are caught in a web of unrestrained
consumption and waste – which has a bad effect
on our health as well as our finances. We know all
this, we read about it, hear it, see it … but
sometimes it takes time to adopt new habits. It’s
time to wake up. It’s the small changes that make
the difference – and the Earth will thank us for it.
This book deals with food waste, cleaning products, cosmetics, plastics, clothing,
toys and a whole lot more …

The authors encourage us to improve the way we treat our environment. Margrét
Marteinsdóttir has mostly worked in media and Rakel Garðarsdóttir is a producer as
well as the founder and spokesperson for VAKANDI – an organization committed
to creating food waste awareness.

Vakandi Veröld bókakápa