We arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday.

Posted July, 04 2019

We arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday. 
40 people from the US, UK, Canada, Norway and Iceland. Performers, crew, artistic directors. Hit with the humidity and warm weather. Outside our theatre people are protesting. We have never seen such masses of people. During our breaks, some of the staff join the protesters. There is a calm despite the masses. 
We have only 4 days to mount our show. Usually we have 2 weeks. But this is a festival and thus the limited time. 
The shifts are long. Days run into nights. The local crew is amazing. No one ever says “no”. There is just “we will make it work”. Spirits are high. 
One of our containers is still lost at sea, so there is little time to explore the surroundings or join the protesters as our focus is on sourcing the missing items locally. There is a lot to find. Too much really. The many minutes within these 4 days are used to its maximum as the opening night get’s closer. Nonetheless, we are excited to have our Asia premier with the Heart of Robin Hood tomorrow.